Ivation Quick Access Digital Solid Steel Pistol Safe w/4-Digit PIN Keypad, Biometric

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SMART HOME HANDGUN SAFE – High Quality Personal Vault Protects 2 Standard Size Pistols; Perfect Fit for Most Small Weapons, Ammunition, Money or Valuables

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Powerful home defense meets serious gun safety! Protect your family against intruders while safely stowing your weapon out of sight with this Quick Access Biometric 2-Gun Safe from Ivation. Featuring a built-in biometric fingerprint reader, backup PIN keypad, 2 emergency keys and mounting hardware for added security, this versatile lock box makes an ideal home for any standard size handguns. Seamlessly welded solid steel provides durable defense against prying, while the unit’s stealthy door mechanism opens quietly for your convenience. Store up to 20 unique fingerprints and any 4-digit code for swift, stress-free access in case of emergency. Activate the alarm, and the keypad will sound and enter lockdown mode if someone moves the safe or enters incorrect information. Whether next to your headboard, under the bed, in a drawer or on the floor, trust Ivation for all your safe gun storage-and add a Quick Access Biometric 2-Gun Safe to your cart today! What You Get 1 x Quick Access Biometric 2 Gun Safe by Ivation 2 x emergency keys 4 x AA batteries Anchor bolts for mounting User guide Peace of mind for responsible gun ownership! Specs & Details Measures 8.7″ x 12.6″ x 4.3″ [220mm x 320mm x 110mm] Power source: 4 AA batteries [included] Material: seamlessly welded steel Access: 4 digit PIN code, fingerprint scan or key How to Enjoy Securely mount safe using provided hardware Store two guns or other weapons inside chamber Program access via your choice of biometric or digital code Set alarm so warning sounds when trouble arises Sleep well knowing your family and firearms are safe and sound!

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