American Security AMSEC PS1210HD Pistol Safe Handgun Box

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Top Feature :
10 Gauge Solid Steel Body

Item Description:

Ever wanted a heavy duty handgun safe that you could take to the range?

Want to keep your pistols protected yet still be able to bring them with you in the car? Portable handgun safes are generally too light duty and the heavy duty handgun safes usually aren’t very portable.

Imagine if you could have a handgun safe that is heavy duty and also easily portable.

This is exactly what our friends over at American Security were thinking when they developed the Heavy Duty Handgun Safe PS1210HD. It has the quality of a Fort Knox but is different due to it’s portability.

This pistol box features the same Simplex Push-button Mechanical Lock as the Fort Knox and is super easy to use with a potential of 1,081 different combinations.

The body is made of 10 gauge solid steel and it features a massive 3/16″ solid steel door and two solid steel dead bars.

The interior hinge is a welded, continuous hinge which holds the door closed from prying, yet the gas piston assisted door is extremely easy to open, once the combination has been put in.

The interior features a protective high density pluck foam-lined interior so you can fit the foam to the exact shape of your gun. If you choose not to use this feature, simply flip it over and it acts the same as standard egg crate foam.

This AMSEC handgun safe has a charcoal gray textured finish with chrome hardware and what makes it unique is the fact that it has an easy grab handle making it easily portable. This Pistol Safe is Made in the USA.

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