VAULTEK PRO VTi Handgun Safe Review

A VAULTEK PRO VTi Handgun Safe Review

Valultek Handgun Safes

The VAULTEK PRO VTi Handgun Safe comes in a variety of colors including Alpine White, Camo, Desert Tan, and Stealth Black. It has an anti-theft protection that includes interiorly mounted hinges, anti-pry-bar construction, dual anti-impact latches, and a new impact detection feature for all of the Pro series models. The construction is a 12 gauge carbon steel with a durable powder-coat finish. The durable powder-coat finish will ensure your safe against corrosion.

TheĀ VAULTEK PRO VTi Handgun SafeĀ comes with a 5 point entry feature that uses a unique smart key for immediate access mode. It also has a biometric scanner, Bluetooth app, rapid-fire backlit keypad, and a set of manual keys. With the unique instant access feature, you will be able to access documents, valuables, and firearms quickly from behind the automatic opening door. The safe has an optional dual entry feature that requires a keypad code and fingerprints.

The unit comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will provide you with power for up to 3 months. The battery will completely charge in only 2.5 hours. The VAULTEK PRO VTi Safe has a refined interior that includes a non-absorbent foam padding so as to protect any firearms or valuables. There is also a responsive LED lighting system on the interior of the safe so that you can easily see your contents. The interior LED light has an adjustable brightness feature.

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